National Contact Point for Cross-border Healthcare

EU residents covered by social health insurance have the right to access healthcare in any EU country and to be reimbursed for care abroad by their competent institution in home country. EU legislation regulates the requirements for the provision and reimbursement of such cross-border healthcare.

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The National Contact Point for Cross-border Healthcare (NCP) helps to answer all the questions related to cross-border healthcare services for the Lithuanian residents and people visiting our country. The NCP functions in Lithuania were assigned to two authorities subordinate to the Ministry of Health – National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF; and the State Health Care Accreditation Agency (Accreditation Agency; Similar contact points are operating in other EU Member States as well.

NCP provides diverse information about the right of Lithuanian insured to receive necessary healthcare services or planned treatment abroad, and the right of insured persons of other EU Member States to access healthcare in Lithuania on this website.

Last updated: 18-03-2024