About Compulsory health insurance

Persons insured with compulsory health insurance (CHI) and their rights and obligations during the  performance of CHI are established by the Law on Health Insurance of the Republic of Lithuania. According to it, all participants in the CHI system are obliged to pay (or have to pay) fixed CHI contributions each month from the date of acquisition of the insured status. For residents who belong to socially sensitive groups, these contributions are paid by the state. For unemployed residents who leave Lithuania, the obligation to pay contributions is valid until the declaration of their departure from the country. These contributions are not paid by persons who have left Lithuania and declared a change of place residence, if they are not subject to tax liability in Lithuania. Thus, participation in the CHI scheme is linked to resident status and the payment of CHI contributions.

Do You have any questions? You can submit them to the health insurance funds by e-mail [email protected] or by general phone number +370 5 232 2222.

Last updated: 21-11-2023