The NHIF will cover all extracontractual services


2022 09 16


Healthcare services, provided by healthcare institutions, also extracontractual services, provided before 1 October this year, will be covered according to the changed procedure, reports the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) under the Ministry of Health. These purposes will be allocated the necessary funds from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF).

Based on the new procedure, healthcare institutions will have more freedom in moving the funds received among the groups of services they offer. For example, institutions that have not used the entire contractual amount for specific healthcare services until October, will be able to redistribute these funds and use them to cover other extracontractual services. Institutions will be able to use the funds unused to cover all extracontractual services for the services rendered by the same institution after 1 October.

All services that exceed the contractual amount of a healthcare institution will be covered according to the new procedure as well. This means that institutions, which provided more services than established in the agreement before 1 October, will have their extracontractual services covered from the CHIF funds.

NHIF experts hope that upon covering all extracontractual services and using the remaining unused funds to cover the services, rendered after 1 October, healthcare institutions will be able to accept more new patients and shorten their waiting lines for services.

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