The health insurance funds: tips for youth for the approaching september


2022 08 12


On the International Youth Day, experts of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) under the Ministry of Health gave tips and reminders on taking care of one’s compulsory health insurance (CHI) for the youth that has just graduated school and entered universities.

This summer’s school graduates should know that the state will continue to cover their CHI until 31 August. Students that have started their full-time studies in Lithuania or other European Union (EU) countries, also Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Switzerland, right after school will continue to be covered by the state as well.

‘The insurance of the full time students, studying in Lithuania, is covered by the state based on the data, provided by the Student Registry, thus, in this case, they don’t need to submit any documents to the NHIF. However, youth going to study to other European countries should provide the NHIF with an academic letter from their educational institution to prove their status as a student. Invitations to study will not suffice.’ emphasized Natalija Jelenskienė, Head of the Insured Register Division.

The academic letter should indicate the place and form of the studies, also the beginning and the end of the academic year. Students must submit their academic letters every academic year, as this document is valid only until the end of the current academic year. They can do this in person or submitting the letter through an authorised person, by mail or by means of electronic communication.

It’s important to note that some foreign universities start their academic year only in October. In such case, students must make the CHI payment for September on their own. In the following year, if they decide to continue their studies, the insurance will cover the entire academic year from October until the following October with no additional payments required.

Academic letters to confirm the period of the compulsory health insurance may also be submitted to the NHIFund by students, studying full-time at universities in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. However, they are entitled to state-covered health insurance only if their studies commenced before 31 December 2020.

Another thing to note is that students, registered in the Register of Students and doing their internship, also those, who maintain their student status, but have gone to study to EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein or Switzerland under student exchange programmes, also have their CHI covered by the state and don't need to take care of anything.

However, the state covers only the period of the studies, thus, anyone terminating their full-time studies must start making their CHI payments already the following month.

‘Students that have picked extended study programmes do not have their CHI covered by the state. Youth that has not enrolled in full-time studies, started employment, registered with the Employment Service or does not belong to other groups, insured from the state funds, must make their CHI payments individually every month.’ emphasized Jelenskienė.

Individual CHI payments also apply to persons, who leave to study to third countries (United States of America, Canada, Australia, etc.) and want to maintain the status of the resident of Lithuania, i.e. did not declare the change of their place of residence. This youth must take care of their health insurance by themselves and get a private health insurance.

The health insurance funds are kindly reminding that anyone going to study or simply travel in Europe should take their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or an equivalent certificate.

Should they require any emergency medical assistance while being abroad and go to medical institutions that belong to the national health system of the state they're visiting, EHIC or equivalent certificate holders will have their treatment costs covered from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund. The card or certificate may be ordered electronically here.

According to NHIF, the number of students, who study at European universities and have their compulsory health insurance covered by the state of Lithuania, was nearly 4 thousand.

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