Sincere conversations may beat medication


2022 10 10


Recognising the World Mental Health Day, the health insurance funds are drawing attention to the irrational use of sedatives as one of the most relevant mental health issues. The Committee of Medicines, operating at Šiauliai Territorial Health Insurance Fund (THIF), is warning that irrational use of sedatives may result in addiction.

Representatives of the Committee say that irrational use of sedatives and sleeping pills is a huge problem in Lithuania. 1 out of 4 residents have used sedatives and sleeping pills at least once in their life. With 200 thousand packages of this medicine sold every month, Lithuania is 2-3 times above the average in the Northern region. Suppressing symptoms of depression or anxiety with medicine is, sadly, a usual practice instead of taking actual steps and successfully treating it an early stage.

According to experts of Šiauliai THIF, sedatives increase anxiety, the risk of falling and breaking bones, impair cognitive functions and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Although this type of medicine should be prescribed for periods that do not exceed 12 weeks, there are many cases, when treatment continues for years or even decades.

The health insurance funds reimburse not only the medicine, but also services, which help treat mental health disorders. Differently from medical treatment, psychotherapy helps the patients understand the mechanisms of the onset, development and recurrence of symptoms of their disease, encouraging to take steps to rewire them. Thus, psychotherapy teaches the patients to fight the disease and its symptoms, ensuring long-term results.

Compulsory Health Insurance Fund covers 30 individual or family therapy sessions for a patient per year. A doctor may decide to extend the therapy by prescribing no more than 10 additional individual or family therapy sessions. Nevertheless, this service is rarely offered for patients.

The health insurance funds’ experts are kindly reminding that life quality directly depends on mental health. This includes both feeling well and a stable emotional and spiritual state, enabling people to enjoy their lives. Doctors agree that sometimes a sincere conversation and support may help patients with deep emotional trauma more than medicine.

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