Signed contracts with medical institutions: additional funds are allocated to many treatment services


2021 04 22


In order to provide as many quality health care services to Lithuanian residents insured with compulsory health insurance, the national health insurance fund signed contracts with 846 medical institutions in 2021. With the implementation of the single contract principle, the number of contracts decreased by more than a third this year, but the number of medical institutions that will provide compensated services increased by 22 this year. On average, the financing of services grew by 12 percent — according to signed contracts it is expected to reach over 1.7 billion euros.

“The increase in funding for healthcare services gives patients even more access to safe and high-quality services. The principle of the single contract, introduced by the national health insurance fund, significantly extends the boundaries of the choice of medical institutions for patients, reduces the administrative burden of the institutions themselves. Uniform practice gives more clarity to all — patients, institutions, specialists,” says Gintaras Kacevičius, Director of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF).

Of the 846 institutions that will provide services this year, 249 are public health institutions and 597 are private institutions and their divisions. All health care institutions and services throughout Lithuania can now be conveniently found in an interactive list developed by the specialists of NHIF.

According to Vytautas Mockus, Director of Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund (THIF), when signing this year's contracts, additional finances were allocated to the following important areas: cardiology, rehabilitation (including after COVID-19 disease), nursing services, treatment of oncological patients.

“We understand that the treatment of coronavirus is a particularly important issue, but other vital services for patients are equally necessary — treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, rehabilitation and nursing. At the time of signing the contracts, part of the institutions received more funds for the development of services than they had planned. We hope that such a decision will increase the availability of services, encourage patients to seek medical advice immediately, and they will be adequately remunerated for their work,” says V. Mockus.

Primary outpatient health care services for patients will be provided by 414 institutions and their branches this year. For this purpose, the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) provides 336 million euros, which is 11% more than last year.

This year's contracts provide 348 million euros for doctors' consultations, day hospital, day surgery and other outpatient services — 15% more than last year. Residents will be able to choose from doctors' specialist consultations in 468 institutions, day hospital — 111, day surgery — 75 institutions.

Contracts provide almost EUR 692 million to pay for inpatient treatment services. This is 10.6% more than last year's contracts. Inpatient services will be provided by 68 inpatient health care institutions.

Funding raised by almost 12%: EUR 97 million are provided in the contracts for the payment of nursing services. EUR 11.5 million of this amount would come for outpatient care, EUR 83 million for inpatient care and supportive treatment, as well as inpatient palliative assistance. Another EUR 2 million is provided for other services of the nursing group. Inpatient care and supportive care services will be provided to patients by 99 institutions, inpatient palliative care — 69, outpatient nursing homes — 289.

For medical rehabilitation services, the contracts for 2021 include EUR 91 million, of which EUR 22 million was planned for the first stage of medical rehabilitation. Various medical rehabilitation services are determined to provide the population with 170 institutions.

Since this year, medical institutions sign only one contract with that THIF, in the area of activity of which the medical institution is located. The contract is concluded for the provision of services paid by the CHIF to all residents of Lithuania. Exceptions are primary outpatient and outpatient care services for which contracts are signed with the THIF in whose area the activity is carried out.

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