National Health Insurance Fund: leg vein surgery is free for the insured


2021 04 26


Persons insured with compulsory health insurance (CHI) do not have to pay themselves for leg vein surgery. Regardless of the method of surgery, surgical or laser, the costs are reimbursed by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF). The average compensated price of this service is EUR 828,85.

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) is being increasingly asked by patients about whether they need to pay for leg vein surgery (phlebectomy), especially when such a service is performed by a laser. Additional payment is frequently referred to by the health care institutions, where such operations are being made. Their motive — that the NHIF covers only part of the costs of the operation.

Specialists of the NHIF point out that all planned health care costs for people insured by CHI are covered by the CHIF, provided that these services are provided to those who have been sent by a doctor and if the medical institutions providing the services have concluded contracts for their provision with the Territorial Health Insurance Fund (THIF). “Thus, in all cases, if the varicose veins of the legs are performed according to medical indications, irrespective of how the operation is performed, the National Health Insurance Fund pays the full basic cost of this service from the CHIF funds. The patient does not need to pay for the operation, medicines and special measures,” says Rasa Saviciūtė, chief specialist of the Service Expertise and Control Division of the NHIF. According to her, the average price paid by the CHIF of EUR 828,85 is sufficient and fully covers the costs of the operation, whatever the method of performance.

Specialists of the NHIF remind that if you have complaints about varicose veins on your legs, you should first contact a family doctor who, after assessing the patient's state of health, will decide on further treatment — tests, referral for consultation to a specialist, etc.
Having a referral for leg vein surgery, the patient can choose a doctor and a medical institution that has a contract with the THIF and receive services paid by the CHIF. Normally leg vein surgery is scheduled, usually performed under daily surgery conditions, i.e. the patient is discharged home on the same day or the next day. The attending physician must assess the specific case of the patient, appoint a date and explain the expected method of surgery.

In order to make it easier for patients to choose a healthcare institution, NHIF publishes lists of medical institutions with which contracts are signed on its website. You can visit the services section under “Health care facilities and services throughout Lithuania”.

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