National Health Insurance Fund experts will strengthen compulsory health insurance in Azerbaijan


2022 06 23


Experts of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF) have started implementing the European Union (EU) Twinning Tool ‘Strengthening mandatory health insurance mechanisms in Azerbaijan (Phase 2).’ This project will take place for two years.

NHIF experts will share the good Lithuanian and EU practice with Azerbaijan, helping to improve the legal base of the compulsory health insurance (CHI) system, also strengthen the administrative capacity of the implementing institution – State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance (SAMHI), and introduce reforms in the CHI area.

First of all, NHIF experts and their SAMHI colleagues will analyse the policy documents and legislation, currently in force in Azerbaijan. Considering the country’s priorities, they will draft new necessary legislation, focusing special attention on the development of the CHI-covered healthcare service package, availability of the services, and the improvement of the procedures of signing contracts with service providers and payment for the services rendered. There is also a scheduled public relations strategy to ensure efficient distribution of information to the residents and partners.

The expected results of the project include a modernised SAMHI system for risk management, and control of finances and healthcare institutions. Also, the expansion of the list of indicators used for evaluation and the improvement of the use of accumulated data by improving reporting procedures.

NHIF experts will also assess the IT software used, the level of process automation, and will share the experience of digitisation, taking place in the CHI system. The analysis will be followed by a digitisation strategy for SAMHI processes, and a plan of further action.

The project activities will be implemented by a large team of NHIF experts. Moreover, the project team will include experts from the Social Insurance Fund Board, Mykolas Romeris University and institutions from other EU countries – Estonia, Italy and France.

During the project, the expert team will go to Azerbaijan, also consult their experts remotely. The project also includes seminars, two training trips for SAMHI employees to EU countries, three internships in Lithuania and an international conference in Baku.

This project has been allocated 1.5 million Eur from the EU.

The Twinning Tool, funded by the EU, supports cooperation between similar institutions of different countries, strengthening administrative capacity of both countries, helping them to implement the necessary reforms.

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