Ministry of Health: all lithuanian medical institutions must process the data of their patients in the E-Health system as of 1 September


2022 08 17

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The Ministry of Health is kindly reminding that medical institutions that have not yet signed an agreement with the Centre of Registers regarding the processing of their patient data in the E-Health system should do it until 1 September this year.

This day marks the enforcement of the amendment of the Law on Healthcare Institutions, adopted by the Parliament December last year, obliging to use the State Electronic Health Services and Cooperation Infrastructure Information System (EHSCI IS), generally referred to as the E-Health system, while providing wellness-related services. Healthcare institutions that will continue to refuse using the E-Health system for their patient data processing, may have their licenses restricted or suspended.

We’re kindly reminding that in order to ensure quality and modern healthcare services for the residents, the Ministry of Health has introduced the E-Health system for processing patient data already since 1 March 2018. The majority of the healthcare institutions started doing it on time, with some others joining in soon after, yet some of the healthcare institutions, especially those that offer dental services, fail to start using the E-Health system to this day.

Please note that the use of a unified electronic system is a significant factor to ensure quality and modern healthcare services for the patients, enabling to store and offering an access to the major details of a patient’s health (diagnosis, medication consumed, tests done, certain certificates, etc.) in one place and making the work of healthcare specialists easier in terms of faster decisions regarding treatment, and also enabling the patients to monitor the condition of their health as well.

In order to provide and receive data from the E-Health system and to use the Advance Patient Registration Information System (APR IS), healthcare institutions must sign an agreement with the Centre of Registers, which is the main manager of the EHSCI IS and APR IS. Institutions that are not yet using the E-Health system and APR IS, are advised to immediately contact the Centre of Registers by phone +370 5 236 4577 or e-mail: [email protected]

Press Service, Ministry of Health

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