International training to improve health system is started


2021 10 11


In cooperation with the Lithuanian Office of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburg, and with the Hospital of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LUHS), Kaunas Clinics, the Ministry of Health is starting the training, the purpose of which is to make the functioning of the Lithuanian health system even more effective, to raise the competence of persons responsible for its governance, and thus, to contribute to improvement of health promotion of the Lithuanian society. The training will last from this October until April 2022.

“Our times and all the circumstances may correct the plans, as it is evident from the events of the recent years. However, the pandemic situation has taught us not only self-discipline, but also flexibility, ability to choose what is the most important, to prioritise, and to assume leadership,- says Minister of Health, Mr. Arūnas Dulkys.

Director of WHO Regional Office for Europe, Dr. Hans Kluge has stressed that the programmes adjusted to certain country are the outcome of international cooperation “that allows the Member States of the European Union to improve their management system. The purpose of this programme is to strengthen leadership in health care institutions and entities and to promote political cooperation between different institutions, hence assuring justification of legitimate expectations of the residents of the respective country in national health care institutions.”

Managing Director of Kaunas Clinics, Prof. Habil. Dr. Renaldas Jurkevičius has expressed his joy in the training organised by the World Health Organisation, the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburg, and the Ministry of Health.

“We are living in the period of Covid-19 crisis. Besides, we are planning the reform of health care institutions in Lithuania, so we have an opportunity to speak about better management of hospitals, more particularly, governance. The main aims of good governance of hospitals are provision of better health care to patients and more transparent and effective activities of hospitals. I hope that this training programme, to organisation of which Kaunas Clinics are also contributing, will serve the purpose,”– said Prof. Habil. Dr. R. Jurkevičius.

The Royal College of Physicians of Ediburgh, a professional membership organisation which sets clinical standarts and aims to improve and maintain the quality of health and patient care, recognises that the „Quality Governance Collaborative (QGC) is and independant, neutral, non-governmental body committed to developing a new, integrated approach to quality governance in healthcare. The QGC works closely with, and advises, governments, royal colleges, board directors and other healthcare professionals and individuals involved in the delivery of patient care and public involvement. This tailored international programme will provide a comprehensive understanding of the unique issues of governance with a Lithuanian perspective and aims to develop future leaders in governance and quality in Lithuania, equipped with the authority and ability to advance change in their organisations and beyond.“

The training will be conducted and the good experience in development of effective health system will be shared by the world-renowned specialists – Prof. Paul Gray, Prof. John Brown, Prof. Michael Deighan, WHO representative Tomas Zapata, etc. During the project, the topics and research findings will be presented that have been prepared and adjusted specifically to the Lithuanian health system. The discussions between the Lithuanian and foreign specialists will be used to discuss and compare national and international governance principles and aims, governance trend in the organisations, integrated governance, governance of different organisations, etc.

Press Office of the Ministry of Health

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