Information on healthcare services for Ukrainian citizens


2022 10 06


Invited by Klaipėda Client Service Divisions, representatives of the health insurance funds organised a presentation on healthcare services in Lithuania for Ukrainian citizens.

Lina Šeimienė, Head Expert of the Population Service Division of Klaipėda territorial health insurance fund (THIF), informed that all Ukrainians that arrived to Lithuania due to the war in Ukraine are assigned with an ECR code upon registration. A certificate with this code is issued upon registering with the Migration Department. With this code, Lithuania offers necessary medical assistance free of charge.

Based on the current procedures, Ukrainians with a temporary residence permit that have registered their place of residence in Lithuania and found employment, begin to pay social insurance contributions and, together with their children in Lithuania, become full-fledged participants of the compulsory health insurance system. This system is also available for Ukrainians that have lived in Lithuania earlier, had a residence permit, were employed for at least 6 months and have registered with the Employment Service. Unemployed Ukrainians cannot pay the CHI themselves.

The expert noted that the Lithuanian CHI system is open to Ukrainian disabled persons that have a residence permit and documents to prove their retirement. They are provided the same healthcare services as the CHI-covered Lithuanian citizens.

Šeimienė explained that Ukrainians that are unemployed in Lithuania, but have a temporary residence permit, can get the emergency assistance and necessary healthcare services. These services do not include sanatorium treatment services, assisted reproduction services, dental prosthetics, early disease diagnosis programme services, general checks for employment, medical rehabilitation, except stage I medical rehabilitation services after a heart attack, stroke, endoprosthesis or trauma.

The audience was reminded that persons, covered by CHI, should register with a general physician. Someone, who is unregistered at primary healthcare institution, can only be provided with emergency medical aid.

The Ukrainians that took part at the meeting wanted to know, which free medical services are offered for the pregnant, what kind of medicine can be reimbursed, if children’s vaccinations are compulsory, etc. There were also discussions about medical rehabilitation for the disabled and dental services.

Representatives of the National Health Insurance Fund explained that children's vaccinations depend on the parents and that disposable dental measures and materials must be paid for, except certain cases. Pregnant women are provided with maternity care free of charge.

The presentation of Klaipėda THIF is available here.

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