In 2022, pharmacies will conclude one contract with the Territorial health insurance fund


2021 10 01


The procedure for paying pharmacies for reimbursable medicines and medical devices will change from January 2022. A single Territorial health insurance fund (THIF) will sign reimbursement contracts with all Lithuanian pharmacies for reimbursable medicines and medical devices.

The new contracting procedure will significantly ease the administrative burden on pharmacies, as the contract will be signed for three years instead of one, and the inclusion of all branches in the contract will only have to be applied for once to a single THIF. Currently, each THIF concludes contracts with pharmacies in its area of operation. If the branches of a pharmacy company are located in the areas of operation of five health insurance funds, the same company has to conclude five contracts of the same content with 5 health insurance funds.

According to the new procedure, the Kaunas THIF will sign contracts with all Lithuanian pharmacies. Pharmacy contracts would be signed with a qualified electronic signature.

Residents currently have access to reimbursable medicines and medical aids from 1,310 pharmacies. In 2021, 156 contracts were concluded between health insurance funds and pharmacies for the payment of the costs of reimbursable medicines and medical aids by the CHIF. It is expected that Kaunas THIF will sign 116 contracts with pharmacies. Information on the contracts with pharmacies in force throughout the country for the current year is published on the website of the territorial health insurance funds

Amendments to the Order of the Minister of Health “On the Approval of the Procedure for Concluding Contracts between Territorial Health Insurance Funds and Pharmacies on the Reimbursement of the Costs of Purchase of Compensated Medicinal Products and Medical Aids by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund Budget” can be found here.

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