GP competencies expanded with COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment


2022 07 22


Seeking to reinforce the GP institution, the GP Medical Standard has been supplemented with provisions that enable COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment, including appropriate testing. This is yet another step in the process of the improvement of the primary level healthcare services and empowering general physicians and their teams.

More than two years after the emergence of COVID-19, medical science has managed to study it, developing appropriate diagnosis and treatment methods and means that have been included into medical study programmes. This means that general physicians already have sufficient competencies to be able to offer effective assistance to COVID-19 patients.

Considering this, the GP Medical Standard has been supplemented with a provision, stating that a GP can suspect, diagnose, differentiate and treat COVID-19 (coronavirus infection), using the assistance of other healthcare experts in case of a need. A GP can also prescribe a COVID-19 test and assess its results.

The GP Medical Standard will be improved in the near future, coordinating it with the medical standards, applicable to the competencies of the other team members that are not physicians. There are plans to classify, which of the procedures that are necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases, conditions and health disorders that fall under the GP competence, can be prescribed and conducted by the GP himself, and which could be done by the other team members, based on their competence.

General physicians can cooperate with other experts and work in a team with nurses, obstetricians, physical therapists, social workers, etc. for already four years. The purpose of the further consistent development of the GP team is to ensure that each GP has a full team by 2030.

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