Good news for medical facilities: earlier payments for services


2021 12 28


Health care services will be covered as fast as possible, says the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF). This opportunity emerged upon receiving the planned compulsory health insurance payments and implementing the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund revenue plan for 2021.

‘Currently we are planning to settle with all health care institutions for all health care services, rendered in November, while some of the institutions working with COVID-19 patients will even be covered for the services, rendered in December.’ said CHIF Director Gintaras Kacevičius.

According to the Law on Health Insurance, health care institutions must submit reports for health care services, rendered in the previous months to territorial health insurance fund (THIF) under terms and conditions, established in their agreements. The latter must pay for them no later than in 30 days since the receipt of the invoice.

‘Usually we used to pay the health care institutions for the services, rendered in November, until mid. January. This year’s CHIF revenue enabled us to settle earlier than last year. This will be at least partially helpful for the treatment institutions dealing with their working capital, as a number of institutions, particularly hospitals, are finding themselves in lack of working capital due to the pandemic. Moreover, it is particularly important to ensure that health care specialists, treating and looking after COVID-19 patients under difficult conditions and enormous workload, receive an increased pay.

According to the CHIF Director, another good news is that the health insurance fund undertook to cover more services than established in the agreements. ‘Additional CHIF funds will be allocated to health care institutions that exceed the initial negotiated amounts.’ says Kacevičius.

In early 2021, CHIF signed agreements with 846 health care institutions to provide Lithuanian residents, covered by compulsory health insurance, access to as many health care services as possible. 249 of these are public health care institutions, while 597 – private institutions or their divisions.

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