Foreign students were told what they are to know about health services in Lithuania


2021 09 01


As the new school year began, specialists of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF) took part in the event organised by Vilnius University. The foreign students who study at Vilnius University were told about health services provided in Lithuania and they were informed about what was needed to receive them. 

The senior specialist of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the NHIF Inga Ježerkauskaitė told the foreign students who study at Vilnius University how and when students who came to Lithuania from the countries of the European Union and other countries could participate in the health insurance system of Lithuania. She informed the students in what cases health care services financed by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund are provided and when the students have to pay for them themselves. The expert acquainted them with interstate health care and the services that the students who had the document S1 and the European Health Insurance Card were intitled to. At the same time I. Ježerkauskaitė told them what kind of treatment they had the right to receive in case they caught Covid-19 coronavirus disease, how the students who had a temporary or permanent residence permit to live in Lithuania were insured, answered to other questions related to compulsory health insurance 

The presentation titled Compulsory Health Insurance in Lithuania to foreign students can be found here.

Health insurance funds often receive questions posed by the foreigners studying in Lithuania and by the representatives of higher educational institutions where they study concerning health care services. Therefore, such meetings during which necessary information can be provided, questions of common interest are answered and appropriate references are given as to where foreign students can find relevant information are of great use. Inter alia, many answers can be found on the website of the NHIF in the English language

Information to the persons arriving in Lithuania can be found here.

Contacts of the specialists of the health insurance funds (who provide consultations to the aliens) can be found here.

Information about e. services and a list of health care institutions of Lithuania can be found here.

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