Dental prosthesis renewal every 3 years


2022 07 14


The health insurance funds often encounter inquiries regarding state-covered dental prosthesis. Inquirers frequently include people that have used these services before and would like to receive them again. In some cases, people had, but had not used an opportunity for state-covered dental prosthesis in the 3 years dedicated for this purpose. The question is whether they can reapply for these services, how and in what time.

As we know, dental prosthesis services, covered by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF), can be used by insured residents, who have reached retirement age, have been recognised as incapable to work or partially incapable to work, children and people that have undergone an oncological disease of mouth, face and jaws. Residents that already have prosthetic teeth, can receive these services again in 3 years since the date the reimbursed dental prosthesis services were provided and covered by the health insurance funds. There are no special procedures or conditions applicable to receive them again.

The health insurance funds are kindly reminding that patients intending to obtain their first prosthesis or have it renewed, should firstly go to a dentist. The dentist or, in more complicated cases, a council of doctors, will determine the feasibility for the dental prosthesis and provide the patient with a note of the entitlement to these services, at the same time registering the patient in the system. All that can be done by a dentist at the healthcare institution that the patient is registered with, also other treatment institutions that have agreements with the health insurance funds regarding dental consultations.

There are several exceptions though: minors and adults that have undergone a treatment of an oncological disease of the mouth, face and jaws after obtaining prosthetics and whose minimal chewing function is no longer ensured (e.g. a person fell ill after prosthesis and lost the teeth due to a surgery) can reapply for CHIF-covered dental prosthesis immediately, without waiting until the end of the 3-year term.

It’s important to note that persons that have obtained entitlement for CHIF-covered dental prosthesis, must do it in 3 years. Unfortunately, some of them fail to do so for different reasons. In such cases, to use this CHIF guarantee, they must begin the process anew by going to a dentist to have their need for dental prosthesis established and re-register the in the system.

The health insurance funds are kindly reminding that patients with an established need for dental prosthesis can choose reimbursed dental prosthesis services in any city of Lithuania as soon as their dentist registers them in the system, by registering at a healthcare facility, which offers these services and has an agreement with the NHIF.

Currently, reimbursed dental prosthesis services can be obtained at more than 1,000 healthcare institutions and their divisions all over Lithuania. The number of persons, registered during the first half of this year was approximately 37 thousand and about half of them had submitted applications for state-funded dental prosthesis earlier.

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