Compulsory health insurance lesson for gymnasium pupils: things to know after graduation


2022 05 13


Representatives of the health insurance funds took part at a remote lesson for the pupils of Želva Gymnasium in Ukmergė district, introducing the aspects of the compulsory health insurance (CHI) that are important upon graduating from school. The youth were also encouraged to travel using the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Viktorija Klinavičienė, Advisor of the Populations Service Division at Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund (THIF), explained the 10-12 grade gymnasium students the concepts of CHI and the guarantees it offers to pupils. She also drew attention to the fact that, upon graduation, the youth will be covered until 31 August. As of September, the CHI coverage will apply only to those, who enrol full-time at vocational schools or higher education institutions in Lithuania and other European Union (EU), also European Economic Area. Those, who enrol in extended study programmes will have to take care of their insurance themselves.

It should be noted that students that are yet to start their studies in the United Kingdom, will not have CHI state coverage. Students studying in this country are covered only if their studies commenced before the end of the Brexit transition period, i.e. 31 December 2020.

Klinavičienė emphasized that anyone going to study to the said European countries, should submit an application to their THIF to determine a CHI coverage period and an official certificate from their education institution to prove their status as a student. These documents can be submitted at the THIF office, by post, through an authorised representative or by e-mail. Youth studying in Lithuania, are covered by default, based on the data from the Student Register, and don't need to submit any documents to the health insurance funds.

The pupils were also explained that all youth turning 18 years old, who are not enrolled full-time at general education, vocational schools, or institutions of higher education in Lithuania or other EU countries, must pay monthly CHI contributions, unless they are employed or covered by the state for other reasons. Thus, the youth was encouraged to take care and notice the changes in their lives: graduation or commencement of new studies, employment, employment termination and so on.

At the beginning of the holiday season, the pupils were also introduced to EHIC – a card, issued free of charge to all people with CHI coverage. The card is a must-have while visiting EU countries, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. EHIC holders are provided with the emergency medical aid free of charge or partially covered by the state funds. In case of a need for emergency aid, EHIC holders simply need to address a health care institution, which belongs to the national health care system and provide the card.

You can conveniently order an EHIC online, by e-mail or upon visiting a THIF, which also has a representative office in Ukmergė (Vytauto g. 105). Ordered electronically, the card may be delivered by registered mail in Lithuania or immediately printed at a THIF department. In case you forgot to bring your EHIC on your trip, you can easily generate and download a certificate, which may be used as a temporary EHIC replacement, by logging on to E-government services.

Experts of Vilnius THIF hope that the knowledge on CHI and EHIC, provided during the remote lesson, will make it easier for the seniors to get through the changes they will be facing in the near future. Meanwhile, the youth that is yet to finish a year or two at school, can benefit from it in the future, or explore Europe with an EHIC, being sure that they can get emergency medical aid in case of a need.

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