Additional health insurance month: what is important to now?


2021 11 08


Health insurance funds remind that residents who pay contributions for compulsory health insurance (CHI) should not forget to monitor their insurance status, as CHI insurance may end.

The Klaipėda territorial health insurance fund (THIF) draws attention to the fact that self-employed, graduating and changing jobs residents, considering themselves insured may owe money to the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) for treatment. This becomes clear when, after the termination of the insurance, the person received health care services for the so-called extra month and the CHI contributions were not paid on time.

„After the CHI expires, residents have the right to receive health care services for another month, the costs of which are paid from the CHIF. However, it should be remembered that the contribution must still be paid by the end of the current month,” reminds Ms. Salvinija Andriušienė, Head of the Population Service Division of the Klaipėda THIF.

According to her, it is often assumed that there is no need to pay a CHI contribution for this month, but the right to free treatment is inseparable from the obligation to pay these contributions every month, otherwise the resident remains in debt to the state.

It is important to know that during the additional month, a person will have to pay compensation for the use of health care services that have been paid for from the CHIF and the CHI has not been paid on time. After determining the damage of treatment costs to the CHIF budget, the territorial health insurance fund sends a call to the resident to cover these costs. If the damage is not compensated, the territorial health insurance fund brings an action in court. 

According to the data of the Klaipėda THIF, during the past year, 1,471 notice on the receipt of illegal health care services when the residents were not insured was registered. The damage was estimated at EUR 141 thousand, of which EUR 102 thousand was recovered or voluntarily reimbursed.
You can check your insurance status on the health insurance fund’s website.

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