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2022 12 28


With the winter holiday season gaining momentum, many Lithuanian travellers visit other European countries. Those that did not have any time to order or forgot to pack their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), can use a fast and free solution of downloading a certificate, which replaces the card, into their mobile phones.

‘The number of certificates issued this year is record-breaking. The National Health Insurance Fund has already issued 33 thousand certificates before December this year, while the number throughout the entire last year was 29 thousand, and the year before – nearly 22 thousand. The growing number of certificates issued shows that this service is becoming more and more popular, as residents find it really convenient. Moreover, just like the European Health Insurance Card, these certificates are issued to Lithuanian residents free of charge, which is an important advantage to travellers.’ says Neringa Šafranavičienė, Adviser of the International Affairs Division at the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) under the Ministry of Health.

Like the EHIC, this certificate proves the right of the person, covered by Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI), to receive emergency medical assistance in the European Union, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, partially or fully covered by the health insurance funds. This means that upon sudden injury or falling ill abroad, you may be sure that you will receive medical assistance to the scope established in that country and paid for according to their procedures and rates, upon submitting the certificate.

If CHI-covered Lithuanian resident has left the country without their EHIC or lost it during the trip and now suddenly needs to go to a medical facility somewhere in Europe for emergency medical assistance, they can sign in to the NHIF Information System using their phone or computer and generate the certificates that temporarily replace the card, on their own. Parents can also generate a certificate for their underaged children too. For identification purposes, they need to log on via the E-Government Gateway. The Information System will automatically generate a certificate for the current month.

‘Someone unable to log on to the E-Government Gateway and order the certificate and download it to their mobile phone, there is a way still. They can submit a standard form application by e-mail to a Territorial Health Insurance Fund (THIF) or contact the state health insurance institution of the country they are visiting. This institution will address the Territorial Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of Lithuania, based on the person's place of residence, with a request to send an EHIC replacement certificate.’ advised Šafranavičienė.

It's important to remember that if a person visiting European Union countries with no EHIC or a replacement certificate will have to cover the emergency medical assistance provided at their own cost. However, even in such case, they may apply to the THIF, based on their place of residence, and request for a reimbursement of costs.

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