The European Union's public health policy complements national policies. It aims to:

  • protect and improve the health of the citizens of the European Union,
  • support the modernization of health care infrastructure,
  • improve the efficiency of national health systems.

The European Commission supports the efforts of the countries of the European Union to protect and improve the health of their citizens and to ensure the efficiency of the health system by encouraging investment in this area. One of the financial incentives is the 2021-2027 „EU4Health“ program. The general objectives of this program are:

  • improving and fostering health in order to reduce the burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases;
  • to protect the population from major cross-border threats to health and to improve coordination and supervision of crisis management;
  • improving the availability and affordability of medicines, medical aids and crisis-relevant products;
  • strengthen public health systems by increasing their resilience and resource efficiency.

The program will fund health education and security projects. During the period of 2021–2027, EUR 2 446 million has been allocated to the objectives of the „EU4Health“ program.

Last updated: 21-11-2023