Treatment of very rare human health conditions

According to Paragraph 1 of Article 592 of the Law on Pharmacy, a very rare human health condition (very rare condition) is a very rare health disorder (not more than one newly diagnosed case for 200 000 residents of the Republic of Lithuania a year) that is life threatening and/or causes significant permanent disability, and the effective treatment mode affecting the etiologic factor (the factor that determines occurrence of a very rare disease) or pathogenic factor (the factor that determines a clinical course of the very rare disease) is available for that health disorder. Its expenses cannot be compensated otherwise and the treatment may extend the life of the patient and/or reduce the patient’s disability (or prevent its growing).

All the cases of very rare conditions are examined by the commission for compensation of medical treatment expenses of very rare human health conditions (MH commission) formed by the Minister of Health. Its work is organised by the National Health Insurance Fund.

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Last updated: 02-07-2021