Rental of medical devices

Rental of medical devices (measures) is a service provided to persons insured with compulsory health insurance, the costs of which are reimbursed from the funds of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF). A person can rent an artificial lung ventilation and oxygen devices, simple or smart insulin pumps and infusion pumps - so-called pain pumps - can be rented and used at home.

The costs of renting medical equipment (devices) are reimbursed to those insured persons for whom medical equipment, according to the opinion of the medical council, is necessary to ensure health care at home. The basic price of medical equipment (devices) rental is reimbursed 100 percent and medical equipment rental costs are reimbursed through companies that provide medical equipment rental services and have concluded agreements with the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF). Companies providing rental services and concluding contracts with NHIF must ensure the provision of medical devices (measures) to the insured without applying a premium due to technological peculiarities.

Whether it is necessary to prescribe treatment to a patient with expensive medical devices (devices) at home is determined by the medical council of the medical institution providing inpatient health care services. If artificial lung ventilation and oxygen equipment is required, at least one pulmonologist should be present at the consultation, and an endocrinologist should be invited if an insulin pump is required.

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Last updated: 13-11-2023