Eye prosthesis

An eye prosthesis procedure is an eye prosthesis being given to a person who has lost one or both eyes. For those insured with compulsory health insurance, the costs of eye prosthetics are reimbursed from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF). Eye prostheses are prescribed by a medical council of a personal health care institution (PHCI) providing level III inpatient ophthalmology services (if the eye is prosthetic is installed for the first time). These prostheses can also be re-prescribed by an ophthalmologist working in an PHCI providing secondary level outpatient ophthalmology services.

A person with a duly completed medical document extract (Form 027 / a) from a medical specialist may apply to any company that has entered into an agreement with the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health for the supply of compensatory eye prostheses from the CHIF budget. It is important to remember that this statement is valid for a maximum of 60 calendar days from the date the entry was made. In the company, the eye prosthesis will be individually manufactured and applied by a prosthetist specialist. Companies must ensure the provision of eye prostheses to the insured, without applying a premium due to the peculiarities of technological prostheses. The premium for the technological features of the prosthesis can be applied only after the insured or his / her authorized person confirms in writing that he / she is informed about the availability of a compensating orthopedic technical device, but chooses a device for the same purpose using more modern technologies and more expensive materials.

Postoperative temporary therapeutic eye prostheses are administered to patients once after surgery. Permanent eye prostheses shall be administered no earlier than two months after the date of issue of the postoperative temporary therapeutic eye prosthesis (if any). These prostheses are given to children under 12 years of age not more often than every six months, to children from 13 to 18 years of age - not more often than once every year, to adults - not more often than every two years.

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Last updated: 11-01-2022