Compensated Lens for Eyeglasses

The compensated lens for eyeglasses may be prescribed for a number of vision-impairing ailments: lens, choroid and retinal diseases, glaucoma, vitreous and eyeball diseases, optic nerve and visual tract diseases, eye muscle, accommodation and refraction disorders, corneal graft and others.

Persons with compulsory health insurance can have a part of the lens price reimbursed from the CHIF.

The lens can be reimbursed both for children and adult patients, as long as the ophthalmologist has established that the visual acuity of the better eye with full correction does not exceed 0.5 visual acuity units. Therefore, in order to have reimbursed lenses, patients must first see their eye doctor for a prescription. Prescriptions can be submitted to one of the optics shops that have an agreement with the NHIF.

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Last updated: 11-01-2022