Orthopedic technical equipment and medical devices

Orthopedic technical devices (OTD) are medical devices provided by orthopedic companies and dental institutions that have signed agreements with the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF) to persons covered by compulsory health insurance. The list of signatory companies, business addresses, contact telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are published in the sections below. NHIF pays the costs of production and / or adaptation of OTD to such orthopedic companies and dentistry institutions, as well as the costs of insured persons who have acquired OTD at their own expense.

The doctor or the medical council must indicate in the insured person's medical records that he or she has been prescribed with OTD. The patient must also be provided with detailed information on the OTD reimbursement procedure, a list of OTD companies and institutions that have concluded agreements with NHIF. It is important to know that the doctor prescribing OTD or the medical council may prescribe only one remedy for one nosological disease unit (characterized by related symptoms) in the same anatomical area (except for insured persons with diabetes mellitus).

The orthopedic company and the dental institution accepting the order must inform the insured about the OTD reimbursement procedure, check whether the person is covered by compulsory health insurance and inform about the possibility to purchase OTD at their own expense. If there is an OTD order acceptance queue at the orthopedic company and the dental institution to which the insured applies, he / she must be informed about the waiting time until the order is accepted and indicate the registration number of the insured. The supplement for partial compensation is paid by the person to an orthopedic company or dental institution.

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