To whom document S1 is issued?

Document S1 is needed, when the person resides in the different EU Member State than that he/she is insured with social insurance.

Document S1 is also used by retired persons, who live in another EU Member State.

The THIFs issue documents S1 to the persons insured by compulsory health insurance in the Republic of Lithuania.

The persons insured in the Republic of Lithuania have the right to document S1, provided they have declared their departure from the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the Law on Declaration of the Place of esidence:

  • the persons, who work in the Republic of Lithuania and pay the compulsory health insurance contributions in accordance with Article 17 of the Law on Health Insurance of the Republic of Lithuania, or for whose behalf these contributions are paid;
  • the persons, who receive the state social insurance pension in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania or pensions according to the laws of other EU Member States, if the work experience obtained in Lithuania is the biggest and if they are not entitled to the pension under the laws of the EU Member State, where they reside;
  • the family members residing abroad with the persons insured in Lithuania listed above, if they are not entitled to the national health insurance under the laws of the EU Member State of their residence.
Last updated: 12-07-2021