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2022 12 30
Lithuanian healthcare system financing model: is it outdated?

When we talk of the Lithuanian healthcare system, there is sure some room for sarcastic comments. The healthcare system is continuously thrashed for being the most corrupt and underfunded area of the public life, which meets the expectations of neither medical staff, nor the patients.

2022 12 29
Increasing availability of medical rehabilitation services

As of 1 January, patients will have a faster and simpler access to medical rehabilitation services. Primary medical rehabilitation services will be prescribed based on the condition of the patient's health, the degree of functional impairment, but not specific diseases or diagnosis.

2022 12 28
A fast service will help avoid troubles while travelling

With the winter holiday season gaining momentum, many Lithuanian travellers visit other European countries. Those that did not have any time to order or forgot to pack their EHIC, can use a fast and free solution of downloading a certificate, which replaces the card, into their mobile phones.

2022 12 28
Important note: January introduces an increase in CHI contributions

Self-employed residents and anyone covering the Compulsory Health Insurance payments, which depend on the minimum salary, by themselves should take care in making the payment in January.

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2022 12 27
The NHIF: dental prosthetics – fast and simple

It’s been nearly two years since patients don’t need to wait in lines for eligibility for dental prosthesis services, reimbursed by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund. Moreover, a large scope of treatment facilities, offering dental prosthesis, to choose from enable patients to get the needed services much faster.

2022 12 21
Improving access to psychosocial rehabilitation for children

The Compulsory Health Insurance Council has approved the doubling of the coverage for short-term and long-term outpatient psychosocial rehabilitation services for children and adolescents as of 1 January 2023.

2022 12 19
This document offers Lithuanian insurance-covered treatment in Europe

Lithuanian citizens working, paying taxes, being covered by health insurance or receiving a pension in Lithuania, but actually living abroad are already common. Or they might have an insurance coverage somewhere else, but live in Lithuania.

2022 12 14
Antanas Matulas and the NHIF urge men to find time to check their health

Antanas Matulas, Chair of the Committee on Health Affairs at the Lithuanian Parliament, together with the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health invites men to take care of their health and be more active in taking part at the free prostate cancer prevention programme, covered by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.

2022 11 18
Compulsory health insurance council approved the allocation of funds to Increase medic salaries

Compulsory health insurance council approved the increase of funding for healthcare services. This decision was adopted in order to ensure a consistent increase in the salaries of medical staff, reported the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health.

2022 11 18
Antibiotics – only after examination and finding the cause of a diseases

Commemorating the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, the health insurance funds are kindly reminding that resistance to antimicrobial substances refer to cases, when bacteria change and do not respond to medicine any more.

2022 11 17
Reimbursement applies to children’s dental treatment and preventive care

The costs of the primary dental care services are covered from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund. They include both treatment and the necessary, although often neglected, preventive measures, which help evade tooth decay and other dental and mouth diseases.

2022 11 14
Reimbursements for Patients with Diabetes

The number of patients with diabetes keeps growing every year. Quite often this diagnosis turns the world upside-down. In commemoration of the World Diabetes Day, the NHIF is reminding of ways to make the life of diabetes patients easier by using the guarantees, offered by the CHIF.

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