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2022 07 22
GP competencies expanded with COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment

Seeking to reinforce the GP institution, the GP Medical Standard has been supplemented with provisions that enable COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment, including appropriate testing.

2022 07 21
Examinations that can be prescribed by a GP with no additional payments

Patients ask the health insurance funds of the primary level examinations that can be ensured by healthcare institutions offering GP services that are not subject to any additional payments.

2022 07 19
Latest study: increasingly higher numbers of patients benefit from reimbursed medication

In recent five years, the consumption of reimbursed medication has increased by 18 per cent or by as many as 111 daily doses per 1000 residents per day, says the analysis on the consumption of reimbursed medication, conducted by the NHIF.

2022 07 15
Good news for patients: prescription medicine can already be purchased online

Prescription medicine and reimbursed medial aids can already be purchased online using electronic prescriptions – the special online platform of remote pharmacies on the e-health system has just been launched.

2022 07 14
Dental prosthesis renewal every 3 years

The health insurance funds often encounter inquiries regarding state-covered dental prosthesis. Inquirers frequently include people that have used these services before and would like to receive them again.

2022 07 13
Hearing aid reimbursement for adults for both ears

As of July, adults with a hearing disability will have two hearing aids reimbursed every five years, regardless of their age. This year, these medical aids will require about 900 thousand euros from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund).

2022 07 11
Care at home – number of services increased 2.5 times

Now the process of outpatient care services at home will be faster and more convenient for patients, plus the number of the services provided will be nearly two and a half times larger.

2022 07 08
Studying abroad and CHIF: things to know

Experts of the health insurance funds would like to remind the school graduates that leaving school is not only about starting a new stage of life, but also taking up new obligations of taking care of one’s compulsory health insurance.

2022 07 05
More than 100 million Euro will be invested into primary healthcare in five years

Initiating the development of general practice and health centres, the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund is planning changes for payments to healthcare services, enabling to ensure economic viability of healthcare institutions and increase the availability and quality of healthcare services.

2022 07 05
Numbers talk: healthcare in Lithuania in 2021

Last year, Compulsory Health Insurance system was impacted by three major factors: Covid-19 quarantine and two extreme situation announcements – the threat of the coronavirus and massive inflow of foreigners from the Republic of Belarus.

2022 07 01
Reimbursement for more healing bandages

Good news for patients that have to treat their wounds for a long time and their relatives. As of 1 July 2022, compulsory health insurance-covered persons will receive more reimbursed bandages than before. For this purpose, the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund is planning to allocate as much as 400 thousand Eur in the second half of the year.

2022 07 01
Care services at home will be faster and more frequent

1 July marks the introduction of the updated procedure for outpatient care services provided at home, which will help assess the patient needs faster, thus providing them with the needed services on time. The number of reimbursed services will depend on the patient needs and, in complicated cases, will be provided up to five times a week.

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