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2021 05 14
The Cabinet of Ministers approved the revised CHIF budget

The draft amendment to the budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund for 2021 was approved at the Government meeting today. 

2021 05 04
Telling what graduates need to know about compulsory health insurance

Before the end of the school year, the Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund has introduced Compulsory Health Insurance, at the “Facebook“ translation of the Lithuanian student's association at the Vilnius student's self-governance information centre live stream, a topic that is of particular importance to young people leaving school, although they often ...

2021 04 28
Participation in preventive programs is encouraged even during quarantine

Deputy Director of the Šiauliai Territorial Health Insurance Fund (THIF), temporarily performing the functions of director, Dalia Miniauskienė presented the report “Implementation of preventive programs in Šiauliai THIF activities area in 2020” at the Community Health Council of Šiauliai City Municipality.

2021 04 26
National Health Insurance Fund: leg vein surgery is free for the insured

Persons insured with compulsory health insurance (CHI) do not have to pay themselves for leg vein surgery.

2021 04 22
Signed contracts with medical institutions: additional funds are allocated to many treatment services

In order to provide as many quality health care services to Lithuanian residents insured with compulsory health insurance, the national health insurance fund signed contracts with 846 medical institutions in 2021.

2021 04 19
Officials have counter how much money was spent on medicines in Lithuania last year

Last year, a total of EUR 377 million was paid in Lithuanian pharmacies for compensated medicines and medical assistance measures (MAM).

2021 03 31
It is possible to choose not only your polyclinic

The Panevėžys Territorial Health Insurance Fund (THIF) has recently received a number of questions from the population regarding the procedure of being registered for services at the primary personal health care institutions (PPHCI).

2021 03 23
National Health Insurance Fund: Lithuania has already purchased new season flu vaccines

The National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF) has already bought 257 thousand four-valent doses of vaccine for the flu season of 2021-2022. This is almost 5% more than the fund purchased last year.

2021 03 22
Explained how to be treated while living in Lithuania and working elsewhere in Europe

With many travel restrictions around the world and people working mainly remotely, Lithuanian citizens who work and pay taxes in other countries often choose their homeland as their actual place of work.

2021 03 19
Injury account — nearly EUR 4 million for affected patients

The medical institutions paid 3.8 million euros last year to a special bank account that accumulates contributions for compensation for damage caused to the health of patients.

2021 03 17
Klaipėda Territorial Health Insurance Fund has identified the most important points about compensation for damage to the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund budget

It is useful for everyone to know in which cases damage to the budget of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) may be compensated.

2021 03 15
Prevention of colon cancer — a chance to avoid serious illness

March is a month dedicated to the prevention of colon cancer. The National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF), urging the population to take care of their health daily, once again recalls the importance of preventing this oncological disease.

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