The health insurance funds: next year CHIF budget will exceed 3 billion for the first time

Compulsory Health Insurance Council approved the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) draft budget for 2023. According to plan, the revenue next year should be 327.6 million Euro (11.7 per cent) higher than this year, constituting a total of 3.1 billion Eur. The draft budget will be discussed by the Government in the near future.

‘The growing CHIF budget will enable to not only ensure the implementation of the decisions already adopted, but also improve the availability of healthcare services and reimbursed medicine, also provide funding to innovative and efficient treatment methods.’ says Simona Adamkevičiūtė, Director of the Department of Economy of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health.

The next year’s CHIF budget includes 229.8 million Euro (11.8 per cent) higher expenses for reimbursement of healthcare services, 62 million (11.7 per cent) more for medicine, medicinal measures and their rent, the funds, allocated for medical rehabilitation and sanatorium treatments will increase by 14.2 (12.4 per cent), while the costs for orthopaedic technical devices will increase by 3.1 million Euro (18.2 per cent). 16.4 million Euro (10.8 per cent) more will be allocated to healthcare programmes and other health insurance costs, 1.7 million Euro (5.3 per cent) more will ensure the functioning of the compulsory health insurance (CHIF) system and supporting institutions, 0.4 million Euro (17.5 per cent) – for the administration of CHI payments to Sodra.

According to the draft, in 2023, CHIF budget revenue will consist of:

•    CHI payments, administered by Sodra – approx. 2.1 billion Euro;
•    state budget contributions for the insured persons, covered by the state – more than 783 million Euro;
•    state budget assignations – 204 million Euro;
•    funds, returned under treatment availability improvement and risk sharing agreements – 36 million Euro;
•    other revenue – close to 10 million Eur.

In early 2023, the CHIF reserve should constitute nearly 559 million Eur. The funds of the reserve are divided into two parts: main and risk management. In early 2023, the main part of the CHIF reserve should consist of approximately 47 million Euro, while the remaining funds in the CHIF reserve – approx. 512 million Euro for risk management.

The CHIF draft budget for the following year will be submitted for the Government’s approval.

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