New platform for contracts of the health insurance funds will contribute to transparency and efficiency in the healthcare system

The National Health Insurance Fund makes an important step towards a more advanced contracting process with partners by launching a unique subsystem for contracts of health insurance funds. This modern platform will enable the health insurance funds to conclude contracts with medical institutions, pharmacies, orthopaedic companies and other important contract partners more easily and conveniently.

Until now, the process of concluding contracts with partners has not been unified in both the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF) and the Territorial Health Insurance Fund (THIF) and has been carried out according to different maps of making contracts. Most procedures for concluding contracts and for control were performed manually or semi-automatically and required high labour time costs. The new contract platform promises to optimize the contracting process for the health insurance funds by reducing excessive administrative burden on all participants.

The biggest advantage of this subsystem is the possibility to negotiate and conclude contracts electronically, therefore, this process becomes faster and more fluent. Also, it will reduce bureaucratic processes and allow for more efficient management and coordination of contracting procedures for both the health insurance funds and contract partners. Electronic contracting will help reduce the flow of paperwork and eliminate the likelihood of a human error, optimising the use of time and resources.

“In the era of modern technologies, we don’t want to be left behind – we are constantly striving to find optimal technological solutions to help employees of the health system perform their daily tasks more easily and conveniently. With the new contract subsystem, we aim not only to ensure a smooth contracting process, but also to modernise the healthcare sector. At the same time, we realize our commitment to improve the performance of the health insurance funds and to cooperate more effectively with other participants in the health system,” says Aurimas Baliukevičius, director of Information Technologies Department of the NHIF.

By unifying and digitising the contracting process, the NHIF and the THIF move away from sending documents by email and allow all parties to agree and sign contracts with certified electronic signatures in one system. Besides, the process of submitted data collection and control is fully automatic – these data are checked according to the data of respective information systems through integration interfaces.

The sub-system for the management of contracts with partners of SVEIDRA information system of the NHIF consists of external and internal portals for contract management. External contract portal is intended for legal entities wishing to enter into, amend, terminate contracts with the health insurance funds, to submit applications and documents and data, as well as to ask questions and receive answers, to sign contracts and to manage information related to them. Internal portal is electronic space used by the NHIF and the THIF, where contract applications and other documents and data submitted by legal persons in connection with the conclusion of contracts are assessed, questions and answers are submitted, reports and documents are drawn, contracts are negotiated, signed and managed. 

The health insurance funds make and administer about 2,000 contracts with treatment facilities, pharmacies, orthopaedic companies and other companies and economic subjects.

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