Important note: January introduces an increase in CHI contributions

Self-employed residents and anyone covering the Compulsory Health Insurance (CHI) payments, which depend on the minimum salary, by themselves should take care in making the payment in January. Increasing minimum salary next year also means increasing CHI contributions.

Every month as of January, these residents will have to make a payment of 58.63 euro (the amount in 2022 was 50.95 euro). As of the next year, the amount will increase by 7.68 euro, since the minimum monthly salary (MMS) as of 2023 will amount to 840 euro.

Farmers and their partners, whose farm’s monetary economic size is lower or equals to 2, will pay 19.57 euro CHI contributions. Owners of farms larger than 2 will pay 58.63 euro.

‘Those, who pay their CHI contributions based on earlier rates will lose their CHI coverage and will have to pay for their treatment and healthcare services by themselves. People with automatic monthly payment settings in their internet banking should be more careful too and change the amounts.’ says Laimonas Rudys, Head of the Payment Administration Department at the Social Insurance Fund Board.  

CHI payments in Lithuania are compulsory. All insurance-covered residents are guaranteed free healthcare services, while people without CHI-coverage must pay for the medical services by themselves.

CHI contributions for employed persons are made by the employer. Persons under 18 years old, also full-time students, persons that receive state support, the unemployed and others are insured by the state.

Residents that are unemployed, do not look for a job, do not study and are not covered by the state, must pay the minimum monthly contributions – 58.63 euro this year – by themselves.

Failure to make the payment by the end of the current month terminates the health insurance and these persons will have to pay for their healthcare services by themselves. Moreover, they will have an accumulated debt that will have to be covered nonetheless.

All contributions by self-employed persons and persons that make the CHI and SSI payments by themselves must be made under the same payment code – 444. More information is available here.

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