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2022 04 11
Health insurance funds: foreign Lithuanians know but don't use health insurance guarantees

A survey of the Lithuanian diaspora shows that only a small proportion of foreign Lithuanians are not aware of the possibility to benefit from free essential healthcare services in their home country or to receive reimbursement for expenses incurred during treatment in Lithuanian medical institutions.

2022 04 08
No more delays: dental prosthetics are easily accessible

Specialists of the Panevėžys Territorial Health Insurance Fund have noticed that residents who are entitled to dentures at the expense of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund and are registered for the service, are not in a hurry to take advantage of these services.

2022 04 07
President Adamkus and health professionals call for health checks

Cardiovascular diseases and cancer are the leading killers not only in Lithuania but also worldwide. On 7 April, World Health Day, President Valdas Adamkus, together with the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health, urges the population to fight these diseases. 

2022 04 01
Good news: insulin pumps will be reimbursed to all patients by health insurance funds

Access to medical supplies for patients with diabetes is improving. As of 1 April, all patients with type 1 diabetes will be reimbursed for the cost of insulin pumps from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.

2022 03 28
More than 2 million EUR returned to CHIF budget

Last year, Compulsory Health Insurance Fund received a compensation of the damages of 2.2 million EUR, caused by illegal resident activities, reported the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health.

2022 03 23
Experts urge to use the opportunity to sign up for a screening under a colon cancer prevention program

Colon cancer is the fourth most common malignancy after prostate cancer, other skin tumours and breast cancer. March is dedicated to colon cancer prevention, so health insurance funds experts are urging to take steps to prevent this insidious disease.      

2022 03 21
Health insurance funds advise on shopping for medicine

Health insurance funds were informed about cases, when residents, coming for reimbursed medicine for the smallest co-payment, are told that the pharmacy is out of stock, insisting on selling another, more expensive medicine.

2022 03 17
Certificates are as reliable as cards

During this turbulent period, a large number of people contact health insurance funds to obtain a European Health Insurance Card. Health insurance funds would like to remind that the residents of our country that are covered by the Compulsory Health Insurance need these cards only when they travel to other European countries.

Ukraina bns Lukas Balandis.JPG
2022 03 15
Assistance to Ukrainian war refugees: experts published a memo on health care services available in Lithuania

The Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund have issued a memo to assist the refugees, who were forced to leave Ukraine due to the military action of the Russian Federation, in receiving focused and precise information on health care services in Lithuania.

2022 03 14
Lithuanian compulsory health insurance system introduced to third-country nationals

Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund organised a remote seminar, hosted by the International House Vilnius, for third-country nationals, residing in Vilnius, on the basic aspects of the Lithuanian healthcare system.

2022 03 10
People, who have left Ukraine due to military action of the Russian Federation, will receive essential prescription drugs free of charge

Ukrainian residents, including unaccompanied minors, who came to the Republic of Lithuania from Ukraine will receive not only the essential healthcare services, but also medicine, prescribed by doctors for outpatient treatment in Lithuania, free of charge.

2022 03 02
Health insurance funds: Ukrainians will get essential healthcare for free

During the state of emergency, Ukrainians who have fled to Lithuania as a result of the war have been granted access to a wide range of essential healthcare services, reports the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health.

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