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2022 08 17
Ministry of Health: all lithuanian medical institutions must process the data of their patients in the E-Health system as of 1 September

The Ministry of Health is kindly reminding that medical institutions that have not yet signed an agreement with the Centre of Registers regarding the processing of their patient data in the E-Health system should do it until 1 September this year.

2022 08 12
The health insurance funds: tips for youth for the approaching september

On the International Youth Day, experts of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health gave tips and reminders on taking care of one’s compulsory health insurance for the youth that has just graduated school and entered universities.

2022 08 12
Women can choose a safer alternative to abortion

As of 1 January 2023, women that decide to terminate their pregnancy, will be able to do so without surgical intervention – by taking a special medication, prescribed by their doctor.

2022 08 11
New measures for curbing COVID-19

Approaching autumn brings more cases of acute upper respiratory tract infections and the Ministry of Health took up the challenge by updating COVID-19 testing procedures and the criteria for declaring epidemics.

2022 08 09
Special for travellers: if you forget your European Health Insurance Card, there is another way out

With the holiday season in full swing and no quarantine restrictions on travel, travellers from Lithuania have flooded European countries.

2022 08 05
Procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of gender identity disorder are approved

On 4 August, the Minister of Health approved a description of procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of Gender Identity Disorder (transsexualism).

2022 08 04
Health insurance funds will reimburse a new highly expensive test

The Council of Compulsory Health Insurance has approved the reimbursement of positron emission tomography examinations using radioactive gallium by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund .

2022 08 02
Doctor's referral: when do I need it and when don't I?

A referral to a specialist is an important and, it seems, obvious thing for most people. However, specialists from health insurance funds note that people are often unaware that in some cases a referral is not needed to receive specialist services paid for by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.

2022 08 02
Speeding up the provision of home care services: a special questionnaire will be sufficient to determine need

As the need for personal care at home increases, the aim is to ensure that as many people as possible receive the services they need. To this end, the procedure for their allocation is being simplified through a specific questionnaire.

2022 07 29
Medical rehabilitation services more easily available to independence defenders

From 1 August it will be easier for Lithuanian independence defenders and other victims of the 11-13 January 1991 and the subsequent USSR aggression to access medical rehabilitation services.

2022 07 25
Covered by health insurance funds: thousands of patients use medical devices at home

More than 1 600 patients a year take advantage of the opportunity to rent medical devices from the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund and use them at home.

2022 07 22
GP competencies expanded with COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment

Seeking to reinforce the GP institution, the GP Medical Standard has been supplemented with provisions that enable COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment, including appropriate testing.

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