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2022 06 13
Control of the health insurance funds enabled to evade million of Eur in damage to CHIF

Last year, consistent consulting and monitoring of healthcare institutions, pharmacies, opticians and other economic entities, conducted by the health insurance funds, enabled to evade more than one million Euro in damage to the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.

2022 06 09
Study: types and amounts of the most popular medication in Lithuania

Last year, the number of patients, consuming reimbursable medication or using medical aids was 1.12 million. According to the analysis, conducted by the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health, this is more than 40 per cent of the entire Lithuanian population.

2022 06 08
NHIF consulted more than 100 thousand residents

Nearly 102 thousand – this was the number of resident inquiries, received on the general information phone line and e-mail of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health last year, says a study. The institution receives a similar number of inquiries every year.

2022 06 03
Better conditions for building general physician teams – changes in the funding model and allocated additional funds

The healthcare network reform focused a lot of attention on the team of a general physician. Addressing potential gaps in funding to date would lead to a collaborative GP team model, based on the principle, which says that larger GP teams that show better compliance with their patient interests ...

2022 06 02
Day surgery services available to more people

The scope of safe, convenient and modern day surgery services, offered in Lithuania, is still too small – surgeries with patients leaving home on the same day constitute merely 24 per cent of the total number of simple operations all over the country.

2022 05 30
Breakthrough in medical rehabilitation: “green corridors” for seriously ill patients, more outpatient services closer to home

In urgent cases, patients with serious conditions, such as stroke, heart attack, arthroplasty, severe trauma, cancer patients, will be referred for medical rehabilitation via “green corridors”, which means they will receive services in the shortest possible time in priority order.

2022 05 27
Prime Minister Šimonytė and health experts remind women to get tested

As the International Women's Health Day on 28 May approaches, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė, together with the , urges Lithuanian women to take better care of themselves and to undergo periodic health check-ups under the Breast and Cervical cancer prevention programmes.

2022 05 18
The first patients to benefit from breast implant reimbursement

The first women have benefited from the reimbursement of breast implants for breast reconstruction surgery, which was introduced by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund this year.

2022 05 17
Health insurance funds remind you of the benefits of paying taxes when receiving treatment

Health insurance funds traditionally join the spring campaign "There is no place for shadow in this country". The main aim of the campaign is to remind people of the importance of being and staying transparent and to highlight the importance of paying taxes.

2022 05 13
Compulsory health insurance lesson for gymnasium pupils: things to know after graduation

Representatives of the health insurance funds took part at a remote lesson for the pupils of Želva Gymnasium in Ukmergė district, introducing the aspects of the compulsory health insurance that are important upon graduating from school.

2022 05 11
Breast cancer prevention programme – where to go and when?

Although the state provides the means for regular health check-up according to breast cancer prevention programme free of charge, experts of the health insurance funds say that there’s still no breakthrough in this area.

2022 05 10
NHIF Director Gintaras Kacevičius: dynamic times require change

National Health Insurance Fund continues cooperation with young medic organisations. On 6-8 May, Gintaras Kacevičius, Director of the NHIF, took part at TransForm 6.0 Health Care Forum, organised by the Young Medics Association for already the sixth time.

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