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2023 10 26
Breakthrough: more than 70 % of prescription medicines are reimbursed

The share of daily doses of reimbursed prescription medicines in the total consumption of prescription medicines has increased significantly, the analysis on the consumption of reimbursed medicines, carried out by the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health, revealed. 

2023 10 24
The new Compulsory Health Insurance Council starts its work

The Compulsory Health Insurance Council will continue to be headed by Aurimas Pečkauskas, Deputy Minister of Health. The decision was taken after yesterday’s vote at the first meeting of the new CHIC.

2023 10 13
More attention and funding for palliative help

The second Saturday of October is World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. It aims to raise awareness of people with serious illnesses and their relatives, and to recognise the role of palliative care in providing help, comfort and support to sick people. 

2023 10 10
The health insurance funds: primary psychological help is free of charge

Every person may be in need of specialist psychological or psychiatric help, consultation in times of emotional crisis or everyday stress. On the World Mental Health Day, health insurance funds remind that emotional (psychological) help is available free of charge at mental health centres.

2023 10 05
CHIF budget will reach almost 3.5 billion next year

Government approved the draft budget of Compulsory Health Insurance Fund for 2024. Next year, its revenue is expected to be EUR 411.2 million (13.5%) higher than this year, totalling around EUR 3.5 billion.

2023 10 04
Compulsory Health Insurance Council: where will 100 million from the reserve go?

Compulsory Health Insurance Council approved to allocate EUR 107 million from the risk management part of the reserve of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund to several healthcare areas.  

2023 10 02
Health insurance funds: visually impaired patients will receive more help

Good news to visually impaired people - a significant increase in the reference prices of reimbursable spectacle lenses, informs the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health. The necessary money will be provided by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.

2023 09 19
Emergency aid paid for with own funds when being abroad can be reimbursed

The European Health Insurance Card is not always at hand when you are in another EU country, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. And not everyone who needs emergency aid in these countries takes advantage of the possibility to download a replacement certificate to their mobile phone. 

2023 09 11
Access to nursing care services is increasing: what can patients expect?

Due to increasing need of nursing care services in Lithuania, the Ministry of Health has initiated restructuring of long-term care, it aims at improving quality of nursing care services and ensuring better accessibility.

2023 09 08
The health insurance funds: how to rent a medical aid necessary for a patient?

Currently, chronically ill patients covered by compulsory health insurance can rent and use oxygen and artificial lung ventilation apparatus, simple or “smart” insulin pumps and infusion pumps, known as pain pumps, at home. This year, CHIF will provide over EUR 9 million for medical devices needed for healthcare at home.

2023 09 01
Psychiatric day hospitals are expanded. What changes await patients?

Ministry of Health increases access to mental health care services – a network of psychiatric day hospitals is expanded. It is planned that the number of psychiatric day hospitals will grow from 35 to 77 before 2027. 

2023 08 25
An extra month is not a gift but an opportunity with a condition

The health insurance funds remind that self-insured residents paying compulsory health insurance contributions should not forget about their insurance status. The self-employed, those starting work under a business certificate, author’s contract or the unemployed, who are not covered by state funds should be more attentive. 

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