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2021 09 16
Patients with oncological diseases are vaccinated free of charge with influenza and pneumococcal vaccines

Health insurance funds draw the attention of oncology patients who are covered by mandatory health insurance to the fact that they can be vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcal infection free of charge. 

2021 09 10
Health insurance guarantees - for every insured

All persons insured with compulsory health insurance (CHI) have the right to receive treatment and health care services in Lithuania without additional charge.

2021 09 10
Health insurance funds encourages to seek free mental health care

Recently, Health insurance funds have been receiving a number of inquiries regarding primary mental health care services and emotional support. 

2021 09 01
Foreign students were told what they are to know about health services in Lithuania

As the new school year began, specialists of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health took part in the event organised by Vilnius University. 

2021 08 30
Health insurance funds: the first consignment of influenza vaccine has already reached Lithuania

The first consignment of flu vaccine – 100 thousand doses – intended for the 2021-2022 influenza season has reached Lithuania extremely early this year. 

2021 08 23
Health insurance funds also urge you not to forget about scheduled vaccinations

While the focus is currently on coronavirus vaccination, people are urged to remember other vaccinations that protect against communicable diseases. Health Insurance Funds remind you which vaccines for children and adults are paid for by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.

2021 08 13
Health insurance funds: how medical services are provided to Lithuanian residents working abroad

Lithuanian citizens working in European Union countries, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway, the Swiss Confederation and the United Kingdom are insured by state health insurance in the country where they pay taxes.

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2021 08 04
National Health Insurance Fund: participation in preventive health checks maintains a positive momentum

Lithuanians are increasingly participating in preventive health programs. 

pasirasyta sutartis su Kazachstanu.jpg
2021 07 21
Cooperation in the field of health insurance

National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health and the Social Health Insurance Fund of Kazakhstan signed a memorandum agreeing to develop cooperation in the field of social health insurance.

2021 07 08
The National Health Insurance Fund is going to pay for treatment in the EU faster

Lithuania has become the 12th country that started to exchange the e-documents related to payment for treatment in the Member States of the European Union via the special system.

2021 07 07
Disease prevention programmes: it is easier to check up than to fall ill

The especially favourable conditions have been created in Lithuania in the last 17 years to get preventive checks-up for diseases that are the major death causes in our country, i.e., vascular diseases and cancer.

2021 06 25
Klaipėda territorial health insurance fund: the habits of residents are changing

The specialists of Klaipėda territorial health insurance fund note that recently more and more residents have been ordering the European Health Insurance Card online – the situation is different than before the quarantine.

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