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2023 03 15
The health insurance fund will provide a 33 million injection to reduce queues

Supplementary agreements to improve access to services have been signed between the Territorial Health Insurance Fund and more than twenty medical institutions in the country.

2023 03 13
Experiment of the health insurance funds: how many euros did patients waste last year?

Nearly 28 tonnes of outdated or no longer useful medicines were collected from citizens last year. That's 2 tonnes less pharmaceutical waste than pharmacies collected the previous year.

2023 03 09
Colorectal cancer prevention: time is a critical factor

We lose around 800 people to colorectal cancer every year. Its treatment could be much more successful and the number of losses much lower if the disease is detected early, preferably before it is apparent.

2023 03 07
Almost half of the patients in Lithuania use reimbursed medicines

Last year, around 1.2 million people in Lithuania used reimbursable medicines and medical aids. This is 42% of the population registered with primary health care institutions, according to an analysis carried out by the National Health Insurance Fund. 

2023 03 03
Hearing aids: who owns them and where to get them?

On World Hearing Day, the health insurance funds note that hearing aids for hearing-impaired children and adults covered by Compulsory Health Insurance are reimbursed 100% by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund.

2023 02 28
The health insurance funds: every life matters

The story of young Milana’s fight against a serious illness, which has raised a lot of interest and goodwill, has drawn public attention to rare diseases and their treatments that have been overlooked until now.

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2023 02 22
Medical institutions will be encouraged to provide more consultations with cardiologists, neurologists and oncologists

Considering the high demand for some outpatient healthcare services, the Ministry of Health has taken action to increase access to them.

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2023 02 21
New queue monitoring tool - an interactive display panel

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the National Health Insurance Fund and the State Data Agency, has created a new tool to monitor waiting queues for doctors' appointments.

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2023 02 20
The health insurance funds will cover the cost of essential medicines and supplies for patients in hospital

An expensive anti-cancer medicine and two medical aids to help hospital doctors fight extremely serious diseases and conditions are included in the reimbursement of the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund, says the National Health Insurance Fund.

2023 02 14
The health insurance funds: contracts with partners will be signed much earlier this year

This year, the process of concluding contracts between the health insurance funds and medical institutions began much earlier. All contracts are expected to be concluded before the beginning of March.  

2023 02 07
The health insurance funds facilitate application procedures

More and more of the services, offered by the health insurance funds, are transferred online. The National Health Insurance Fund has announced the completion of an IT project, which makes the access to the needed administrative services faster and easier.

2023 02 06
Rehabilitation after COVID-19: things to know

Last year, reimbursable services were used by nearly 3.5 thousand patients, recovered from the coronavirus. This is a third less than in 2021, says the National Health Insurance Fund. Experts are reminding on cases, when patients should seek for help after recovering from COVID-19, and where should they do it.

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