The following definitions were used to develop the vision of the health insurance funds:

  • the starting point for and corner stone for conscious, long-term oriented activities;
  • vision of the future organization;
  • a certain image of the organization that is to be achieved over a longer period of time;
  • the highest goal of the organization;
  • a picture of future trends and quality changes to be achieved;
  • a dream about the future of an institution, revealing the most important goal (s) of that institution.

It was wanted to describe not only what the health insurance funds will look like in 10–20 years, but also what benefits the health care users - Lithuanian people - will receive. In this way, the vision is made up of two parts:

  • internal (what we would like to be);
  • external (what benefits will the insured get).

It is important for the established vision of the health insurance funds to clearly show that the health insurance funds aim to ensure the financial sustainability of the health system which means smooth reimbursement of all health care costs and visible benefits to the insured - the possibility to use the benefits of the compulsory health insurance system.

Last updated: 07-06-2021