Values are a central part of the overall organizational philosophy. An organization's philosophy is a standard of conduct that defines the values, expectations, and principles it follows in pursuing its goals. Closely related to the general philosophy is the organizational culture, which consists of:

  • a system of core values that governs the organization and is recognized by all its members;
  • the dominant norms and values that determine employee behaviour and interpersonal relationships within that organization.

In the year 2009, the values of the health insurance funds were defined. In describing the values of the health insurance funds, the aim was to select the most important of them, on which all employees of the health insurance funds should rely.

Responsibility. The mission says that health insurance funds are the guarantor, which means that it means responsibility in the first place. Responsibility for all our actions, their impact on the future of the whole system, responsibility for one decision or another, and finally, responsibility for each person. By feeling responsible for each person, we strive for his or her trust. We have to be reliable. We will become such if we keep our commitments - to society, to man, to ourselves.

Respect. We are all different. Both those who work for the benefit others and those for whom they work. Therefore, it is very important to respect each other: to respect yourself, to respect other people, to respect what you do, to respect those for whom you do it, and to respect those with whom you work together. A good result of the work is obtained when there is mutual understanding. And that’s partly due to respect.

Cooperation. Our mission is to ensure that we ensure health care by reimbursing its costs and using funds transparently and efficiently. It means working together. Experts in their field who think positively will always find the best, most beneficial solution for people to achieve common goals and work in harmony while seeking common aims and working sustainably.

Last updated: 07-06-2021