„The mission of an institution is the purpose and responsibilities of the institution formulated by the head of the institution, which reveal the current and foreseeable needs of the society related to the institution ...“.

It is a brief definition of the main activity and purpose, current and expected liabilities, core values. In formulating the mission of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health (NHIF), not only the purpose of NHIF as an institution, but also the entire Lithuanian compulsory health insurance (CHI) system was considered.

The main purpose of health insurance funds - is to provide a guarantee. Health insurance funds do not provide health care services, but guarantee that the costs of these services provided to the insured will be reimbursed. The Law on Health Insurance states that the provision of the guarantee is an essential purpose of health insurance funds: “Compulsory health insurance is a system of personal health care and economic measures established by the state, (...) guaranteeing CHI insured persons the provision of health care services and reimbursement of services, medicines and medical care in case of an insured event".

The purpose of the health insurance funds - is to ensure that this guarantee meets the legitimate expectations of the insured. The provision of a guarantee to insured persons, as an essential purpose of health insurance funds, is not only a present but also a foreseeable goal for the near future that meets the needs of society. It is important to emphasize that the provision of a guarantee implies greater responsibility on the part of the institution for its activities. The guarantee for insured persons means that health insurance funds must pay health care providers only for good quality services, so that everyone would be provided with as many services as they need, regardless of the amount of contributions paid to the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (CHIF) (each of the persons contributes to the health care sector financing according to their capabilities). This implements the principle of solidarity. A guarantee for people also means security in a broad sense: both financial (protection from high costs), physical (ensuring the availability of good quality services) and psychological (a person feels calm because he knows that in case of trouble, he will be taken care of).

Guarantor. The phrase  chosen is - the guarantor of the healthy and the sick, it dominates the definition of the mission. It is he who bears the main burden of meaning. According to the glossary, "guarantor" means the person or body providing a guarantee. Providing a guarantee means taking a lot of responsibility for the work you do.

Ensuring health care. Health insurance funds, by stipulating in contracts how much total health care will be provided and how much money will be allocated to it, actually have a direct impact on the assurance of health care provision to the insured and even have effect on health care policy. The essential function of health insurance funds in the mission statement is defined in the current time - ensures. The current time has been chosen because that what is written is valid now.

Healthy and sick. Health insurance funds guarantee this safety not only for the sick, but also for healthy people by helping them when they fall ill or have other health-related matters. Therefore, both the sick and the healthy are mentioned in the final wording.

The main beneficiary is the insured. It was considered whether it would not be worthwhile to write “residents” because the CHI must strive to ensure that all residents are insured. Although the word “insured” seems to narrow the scope of NHIF activities, it was nevertheless chosen during the discussion, as it emphasizes the importance of insurance.

Other functions - include reimbursing health care costs and using funds in a transparent and efficient manner. These functions of the health insurance funds are described in a side sentence because it is desired to emphasize that the functions listed are important but not primary. Transparent and efficient - epithets describing how health insurance funds use CHIF funds. This wording mentions that the funds are used efficiently, thus committing the institution to never waste funds for dubious purposes and to achieve the best result at the lowest price.

Last updated: 07-06-2021